2020.07.14 13:00

Second coronavirus wave could hit Lithuania in August, says minister, LRT радио2020.07.14 13:00

Scientists predict that the second coronavirus wave could reach Lithuania in December, but the country‘s Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said it could arrive as early as August.

“The virus is still alive in the country. Not all cases are imported. There are still a few cases being diagnosed in the breakout points in Lithuania,“ Veryga said in an interview with LRT RADIO.

“The conditions for the spread of the virus will depend on our behaviour – whether we will see the doctor when feeling the symptoms, or self-isolate after coming back from abroad,” said Veryga.

The minister added that the coronavirus crisis in Lithuania has been stabilised thanks to responsible public behaviour, which must be maintained.

According to Veryga, the first wave of the virus has already subsided in Lithuania, as only a few Covid-19 patients are currently being treated in the country’s hospitals.

Vytautays Kasiulevičius, professor of medicine at Vilnius University, said that based on Harvard University model for coronavirus spread, the second wave could hit Lithuania at the beginning of winter.

“According to this model, summer is not a favourable season for the virus to spread in Lithuania. […] However, the situation could change in December and the conditions will remain favourable for the [virus to] spread until March 2021,” according to the professor.

However, Veryga said predictions are usually inaccurate and Lithuania is preparing for the second wave of coronavirus to arrive “much earlier than December”.