2020.05.04 16:45

‘Mask fashion week’ hits the streets of Vilnius

They began as a necessity but ended up being a vehicle for fashion. Facemasks have been all the rage this season and deserve to be showcased in a fashion week, Lithuanian fashion designer Julia Janus has decided.

“You cannot mask creativity – the world's first Mask Fashion Week is happening in Vilnius,” Julia Janus says.

The project started with a Facebook group where Janus invited people to post photos of their original facewear during the coronavirus quarantine.

The group soon exploded with designs that, according to Janus, fell naturally into three categories: professional designs, streetwear and jokes.

And now the 21 best designs made it to the ‘fashion week’ – between May 4 and 10 they are featured on advertising stands across central Vilnius, to be viewed from cars as well as by pedestrians.

“Even though the quarantine has separated us, in a way it has also connected us. We're finding so many common things to share. The Facemask Fashion Week is one of them,” Janus says.