2020.04.24 17:30

Outdoor cafes are reopening. Here's what you need to know 2020.04.24 17:30

Outdoor bars and cafes will be allowed to reopen as part of Lithuania's gradual exit from coronavirus lockdown. However, restrictions still apply.

After being closed for six weeks, outdoor cafes will bring life back into the country's streets as of Monday. The Health Ministry released guidelines on Friday, specifying what restrictions cafe owners and visitors should follow.

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Seating is allowed only outdoors. Cafes must ensure distances so that clients seated at different tables are at least two metres apart.

Moreover, only two people are allowed to sit at one table, unless they are members of the same family.

Visitors are required to wear facemasks, except when they are eating or drinking. When queuing at the counter, people must stand at least one metre apart.

Cafe owners must also ensure that their tables are put at least one metre from public pathways, entrances to buildings and windows.

Vilnius eases restrictions

In order to allow more businesses to meet the distance requirements, the Vilnius Municipality has announced it is opening more public spaces for outdoor cafes.

The city published a list of 18 locations where cafes will be allowed to install tables. These include the Town Hall Square, the Cathedral Square, Gedimino Avenue, and a number of sites across the old town. Businesses are also invited to apply for permits to operate in other locations of their choice.

Vilnius Municipality is also sponsoring a voucher project where restaurants, cafes and bars are invited to sell vouchers for future services.

People are encouraged to support their favourite places – and help them stay afloat – by paying up front for services they will be able to use over the coming months.