2020.04.15 16:00

Lithuanian health minister tells women to ‘reconsider’ having abortion

LRT.lt2020.04.15 16:00

As some Lithuanian healthcare institutions are refusing to perform abortions during the coronavirus quarantine, the country's health minister says it could be an occasion for women to “reconsider” their choice.

Minister Aurelijus Veryga made the comment during a press conference on Wednesday when asked what women who need an abortion should do.

“I'd urge families and women to be responsible and not to use methods that are illegal or could harm their health,” Veryga said.

“And in cases where clinics decide not to provide pregnancy termination services, this could be an occasion for families or women to consult once more with doctors, psychologists and use the moment to reconsider their decision, decide not to terminate pregnancy,” he added.

During the nationwide coronavirus quarantine, introduced on March 16, healthcare institutions are not providing non-essential services. Some clinics have decided that these include pregnancy termination.

Veryga also said that the government was launching an emotional support helpline, 1809, to help people during the coronavirus quarantine.

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