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GetJet Airline lays off over 90 percent of workforce in Lithuania

BNS 2020.03.31 12:00

Lithuania's aircraft-lease and charter service provider GetJet Airline has handed lay-off notices to 370 employees, the Employment Service said.

These include 14 technicians, eight flight coordinators, six maintenance control coordinators, five crew coordinators, five auditors and four financial controllers.

GetJet Airlines had a total of 392 employees in February, based on data from the state social insurance fund Sodra.

In Lithuania, the company operated chartered flights for Tez Tour and Novaturas, the country's leading tour operators.

Estonia's Completec is the airline's main shareholder.

Number of flights in Lithuanian airspace plunges 70 percent

Meanwhile, the number of flights in Lithuanian airspace plunged by around 70 percent last week from a year earlier, according to the state-owned air navigation service provider Oro Navigacija (Air Navigation).

"There were 150 flights on Saturday and Sunday each, compared with over 200 flights daily the previous weekend," Oro Navigacija CEO Mindaugas Gustys told BNS on Monday.

"This is not as sharp a decline as was expected after Russia halted all international flights," he said, adding that this could be due to Russia's flights to repatriate its citizens from abroad.

The number of flights over Lithuania dropped by 70 percent on March 23–29 year-on-year to 1,305, of which transit flights fell by 68 percent to 1,040 flights.

The number of transit flights to Russia fell by 42 percent to 445, the number of transit flights to Germany dropped by 71.5 percent to 172, and the number of transit flights to China was down by 67 percent to 51 flights.

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