2020.03.16 11:30

Lithuania under quarantine: key instructions and recommendations

Ignas Jačauskas, BNS2020.03.16 11:30

Lithuania is placed under quarantine for two weeks as of Monday. BNS reviews key instructions and recommendations from the government.

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Mandatory instructions

1. Foreigners are not allowed into the country, except people delivering goods, crew members, family members of Lithuanian citizens, people who have the right to live and work in Lithuania. Diplomats, representatives of NATO military missions are also exempt. Foreign citizens who need to cross Lithuania in order to reach their countries are allowed transit until 23:59 on Wednesday. The restrictions do not apply to the movement of goods.

2. Lithuanian citizens are not allowed to leave the country, unless they live or work abroad. In exceptional cases, permits can be granted by the head of the State Border Guard Service or his authorised officials. Movement within the country is not restricted.

3. The number of border checkpoints to enter or leave Lithuania is reduced to eight. The border can be crossed via airports and the seaport of Klaipėda as well.

4. People must self-isolate for two weeks after returning from any foreign country.

5. All educational institutions are closed for two weeks, except kindergartens for children of medics and special services officers. Schools are on vacation and must prepare to arrange teaching remotely.

6. All shops – except supermarkets, pharmacies, specialized veterinary pharmacies, and grocery marketplaces – are closed. Pharmacies must ensure distances between people.

7. Cafes and bars are closed, except for take-away food services.

8. All public events, both outdoor and indoor, are banned.

9. Cruise ships are not allowed to enter the port of Klaipėda.

10. Public administration institutions will not provide non-essential services.

11. All cultural, leisure, entertainment establishments are closed.

12. All activity at day centres for children, disabled and elderly people are banned.

13. Visiting patients, except children, at hospitals and treatment facilities will not be allowed. Visitors will not be allowed into incarceration sites and communal living establishments either.

14. Planned surgeries must be postponed, unless they are necessary. Consultations and other non-essential services at medical establishments, including vaccination and dental services, are also cancelled.

15. SPA, rehabilitation services, unless they are necessary treatment, are banned. The operation of hair and beauty salons, casinos and slot machine parlors is banned.

16. The number of passengers on intercity buses and trains will be limited in order to maintain necessary distances between passengers. Vehicles will be disinfected at terminal stops. Intra-city transport is advised to do the same.

17. The public sector must continue providing essential services and suspend other functions. The recommendation for the private sector is to follow the same principle.

18. Hotels and other accommodation facilities can be used to isolate people under agreements between municipalities and service providers.

19. All healthcare specialists, medical interns can be called up to join anti-epidemic effort.

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1. Public and private sector employees are advised to work from home.

2. Use of cash is discouraged.

3. All religious communities in Lithuania are recommended against holding religious rites to avoid public gatherings.

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