2020.01.06 14:30

Lithuanians care most about prices, ignore climate change

Lithuanians are the most concerned in the EU over rising prices, but are less interested in climate change, Eurobarometer survey has shown.

Up from the EU average of 18 percent, 52 percent of Lithuanians cared the most about the prices, inflation and living standards.

Taxation came second among Lithuanians with 25 percent, compared to the EU average of 8 percent.

"Those rising prices and living costs raise concern for other Eastern European countries as well. The same problems are mentioned by Poles, Estonians, Czechs, Romanians and Bulgarians," according to Ieva Petronytė, a lecturer at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University.

23 percent of Lithuania, similar to the EU average, mentioned health and social security as the most pressing concern.

"All countries are facing this challenge but for different reasons. In Western Europe, it can be related to immigration. And in our country, it can be related to economic insufficiency or a poor situation of many people," Petronytė said.

The survey also showed that Lithuanian are much less concern about climate change, compared to other EU countries.

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Only 4 percent of respondents in Lithuania mentioned "environment, climate and energy" as their main concerns, compared to the avarage 23 percent in other EU member states.

The pan-European survey in November involved 27,382 people. Kantar surveyed 1,008 people in Lithuania.