2019.12.30 16:53

Lithuania's green goals troubled by agriculture, transport sectors – energy minister

Paulius Viluckas, BNS2019.12.30 16:53

Although renewable energy targets for Lithuania are within reach, the agriculture and transport sectors will pose a challenge, according to the Energy Minister Žygimantas Vaičiūnas.

The Lithuanian government on Monday the country's National Climate and Energy Plan (NECP) for 2021-2030, which includes the goal of ensuring a 45-percen share of renewable energy in the country's energy sector by 2030.

"It's a fairly easily reachable goal as the first green energy auctions are now taking place," Vaičiūnas told journalists on Monday. "We see great competition among green energy developers as many of them want to develop renewable energy and want to do that without state aid. That's good news."

According to the government-endorsed plan, the agreed measures will need investment of around 14 billion euros. Around half of it should come from EU funds, according to Vaičiūnas.

The agriculture and transport sectors will pose a challenge, according to Vaičiūnas, adding that the the latter will "need quite a lot of investment".

Along with every other EU member state, Lithuania is expected to submit its NECP to the European Commission. If Lithuania fails to meet its commitment, the cost of greenhouse emission permits would cost up to 300 million euros for over the next decade,

Once the measures are implemented, the greenhouse emissions in Lithuania's transport sector would drop by 8.1 percent, 9.1 percent in the agricultural sector, 9.8 percent in the industrial sector and 52.4 percent in the waste sector by 2030.

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