News2019.08.29 09:30

Two Chinese citizens fined for scuffle at Hong Kong support rally in Vilnius

BNS 2019.08.29 09:30

Two Chinese citizens have been issued fines of 15 euros each for provoking a conflict during a rally held in central Vilnius last week in support of Hong Kong protesters.

The two Chinese citizens were fined for disturbing public order, Julija Samorokovskaja, spokeswoman for Vilnius police, told BNS.

The police spokeswoman said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had turned to officers over the incident, asking for clarification about whether anyone employed in the Chinese Embassy was involved.

Police have no evidence that embassy staff took part in the incident.

On Friday afternoon, a rally of several hundred people in Vilnius voiced support to Hong Kong activists protesting the central Chinese government's interference.

During the rally in the central square in Vilnius, Beijing supporters with Chinese flags initially observed the event from afar, but later approached the organisers, and engaged in verbal tussles while displaying posters saying Tibet and Hong Kong are “China's forever”.

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