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Fivefold increase of Lithuania’s solar energy producers expected – 10,000 residents to generate electricity

ELTA, 2019.08.20 09:30

Over 10,000 residents in Lithuania will produce solar energy by the end of next year, according to state-controlled holding company, Lietuvos Energija (Lithuanian Energy).

According to Lietuvos Energija, the five-fold increase is influenced by law changes, allowing remote solar power plants. Energy produced off-site can then be ‘virtually’ transferred to be used in private apartments.

Residents and multiple stakeholders can claim funding to construct a solar plant in their summer home, for instance, or a third party’s plot of land.

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Lietuvos Energijos Tiekimas (Lithuanian Energy Supply) is creating an online platform, Saulės Parkai (Solar Parks), that will allow residents to buy-out or rent a part of a remote solar power.

Currently, there are 1,964 solar energy producers in Lithuania, according to the National Energy Regulatory Council (VERT), rising from 767 producers a year ago.

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