2022.01.13 17:00

Lithuania ups troop readiness amid Russia tensions

LRT.lt2022.01.13 17:00

Lithuania has upped the readiness of its troops amid tensions with Russia, Chief of Defence Valdemaras Rupšys told LRT TV, adding that the threat of war in Europe is “highest since 1945”.

"Looking from the military perspective, [...] the threat of war in Europe is highest since 1945,” he said in an interview with LRT TV to be broadcasted on Thursday evening. “The decision to strengthen NATO capabilities in the Baltic states has been taken in light of the increased tensions on Ukraine’s borders.”

“History has shown that military action may not be limited to just one country,” he said. “Of course, everything is being done and I hope that it will not happen, but we have to be ready for the worst.”

Denmark has recently announced it is sending additional F-16 fighter jets to the Baltic states, as well as a navy frigate. The Baltic states are also in talks to increase NATO troop numbers deployed in the three countries.

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