2021.09.08 17:45

Lithuania scraps Covid pass for intercity travel, allows antigen tests to obtain certificate

BNS2021.09.08 17:45

The Lithuanian government has scrapped the requirement for passengers on intercity buses and trains to have the Covid-19 immunity certificate and temporarily allowed unvaccinated students to attend lectures if they take preventive tests. 

The decisions will take effect next week.

"This would apply to absolutely all means of transport: buses, ferries and trains," Deputy Health Minister Aušra Bilotienė Motiejūnienė told the cabinet on Wednesday.

However, passengers will be required to keep a safe distance and wear facemasks, she added.

The cabinet also allowed higher education students to attend lectures without the immunity certificate, the Opportunity Pass (Galimybių Pasas) until October 15, provided that that take a preventive Covid-19 test.

Some students failed to get their second vaccine shot in time to develop full immunity before the start of the academic year, the vice minister said.

Students will be able to take a preventive antigen or PCR test every 7–10 days free of charge until October 15. After that date, they will have to take paid tests to be able to attend classes.

The cabinet also decided that an antigen test will be valid for 48 hours to obtain the national immunity certificate as of September 13. Currently, people without immunity can only take a PCR test to be eligible.

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