2021.09.07 14:47

Belarus sends special forces to ‘border area’

LRT.lt2021.09.07 14:47

Belarus has sent special forces, which were involved in suppressing the anti-regime protests, to the country’s western borders.

The military unit 3214 is involved in the “situation in the border area”, according to a report in a newspaper published by the Belarusian Interior Ministry.

Independent Belarusian media outlet Zerkalo reported on Sunday that the unit, which is attached to the Interior Ministry, is tasked with suppressing street riots and taking part in counter-terrorism operations. The troops were previously seen during August 2020 protests in Minsk.

The ministry did not specify whether the troops are deployed on the country’s border with Lithuania or Poland, which have both seen a spike in irregular migration that Vilnius and Warsaw say is being orchestrated by the Minsk regime.

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