2021.08.27 15:04

Two dozen fully vaccinated people died of Covid-19 in Lithuania, but all had serious conditions

BNS2021.08.27 15:04

Lithuania's Covid-19 fatalities include 24 people who have been fully vaccinated. All of them had serious underlying health conditions that exacerbated their risk of death, according to the Health Ministry.

Along with Statistics Lithuania and medical experts, the ministry has analysed the cases where people have died from Covid-19 despite having been vaccinated.

According to the results, 10 out of the 24 people had very serious immunosuppressive conditions, such as transplants and lymphomas.

Another nine patients were very much advanced in years and had critical diseases. These were patients from palliative care homes with terminal cancer conditions.

Four patients had serious pathologies and other diseases that have been linked to a high risk of death from Covid-19.

One patient had no obvious medical conditions that could explain insufficient development of immunity against Covid-19. It was a senior person with a mild cardiovascular pathology.

Overall, 296,738 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Lithuania since the start of the pandemic. The number of deaths directly linked to Covid-19 currently stands at 4,520.

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