2021.08.16 13:44

Lithuanian military receives new JLTVs from the US

BNS2021.08.16 13:44

Some 50 new Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs) from the United States have been delivered to Lithuania. They are part of the deal signed with the US two years ago, according to the Defence Ministry.

The vehicles were shipped from the United States to Germany and were then brought to Lithuania. The country has bought a total of 200 JLTVs from the United States.

The first ones were given to the Lithuanian army's training units in Rukla and Kazlų Rūda, where several dozen drivers and 15 mechanics have been trained so far.

The vehicles have been produced by the American company Oshkosh Defense under a contract signed by the US administration. Its total value stands at 145 million euros.

All JLTVs will be delivered by 2024.

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