2021.07.23 09:20

Lithuania donates 15,000 AstraZeneca jabs to Georgia

BNS2021.07.23 09:20

Lithuanian has handed over 15,000 AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine doses to Georgia, the Health Ministry said on Friday.

"Covid-19 has long crossed the borders of individual countries or continents, therefore, we feel the duty to help countries that don't receive regulars vaccine shipments to fight this disease," the ministry said.

The donation comes in response to Georgia's request for help dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Lithuania currently has around 230,000 AstraZeneca vaccine doses.

Vilnius plans to donate a total of 200,000 coronavirus vaccines to the EU’s Eastern Partnership countries, including 100,000 jabs to Ukraine, 11,000 to Moldova and 15,000 to Georgia.

Another 20,000 AstraZeneca vaccines were given to Taiwan.

Lithuania has currently over 982,500 unused vaccine doses.

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