2021.06.09 10:03

Critical shortage of blood in Lithuania, national centre calls for donors

LRT.lt2021.06.09 10:03

Lithuania’s National Blood Centre (NKC) has reported a critical shortage of blood supplies in the county, calling on volunteers to donate as soon as possible.

The biggest shortage has been reported of the first and second blood groups, according to a press release by the NKC.

The supplies are needed for urgent treatment of oncological patients, people with chronic illnesses, as well as women giving birth and people involved in accidents.

Volunteers can donate blood at the NKC centres, located in Vilnius at Žolyno Street 34 as well as at Upės Street 9 inside the CUP shopping centre.

In Kaunas, the NKC centre is located at Vytauto Street 13, in Klaipėda at Naikupės Street 28, in Panevėžys at Nemuno Street 75, and in Šiauliai at S. Daukanto Street 90.

You can find more information online –

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