2021.06.07 12:49

Lithuania cancels plans for 616,000 Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses

BNS2021.06.07 12:49

Lithuania will not buy additional 616,00 Janssen vaccines, the country's government announced on Monday.

Lithuania now has a sufficient number of doses of this vaccine reserved, Health Minister Arūnas Dulkys said, adding that the Janssen vaccine is not suitable for revaccination in the future.

"We have already made reservations and a total of almost 700,000 dozes of this vaccine will be delivered in 2021,” the minister said during a government meeting on Monday.

“Having in mind the remaining portfolio of what we have ordered, our demand will be satisfied," he added.

The vaccine "is effective", but is not suitable for revaccination, according to Dulkys.

"Looking into the future, 2022–2023, data shows that if we look into new virus variants and if we think about revaccination, this vaccine's platform is not suitable," the minister said.

Lithuania's advance purchase contract with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV includes an option to acquire additional vaccine doses.

Lithuania's government has already endorsed the procurement of vaccines from AstraZeneca (1.86 million doses), Janssen Pharmaceutica NV (0.7 million doses), Sanofi Pasteur & GSK (1.5 million doses), CureVac (1.38 million doses), Moderna (0.506 million doses) BioNTech-Pfizer (9.296 million doses), Novavax (0.633 million doses) and Valneva (0.372 million doses).

Some of the producers are still awaiting the approval of the European Medicines Agency.

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