2012.06.20 15:41

Free Internet in Vilnius

Vilnius joined the list of cities that provide possibility in some places to access Internet free of charge.

Five places in the city centre such as town hall and some squares or streets now have a free wi-fi service.

Authorities of Vilnius claim that Internet access will be useful for local residents and for guests of the city as well. The free service will contribute to the image of Vilnius as modern and innovative city. Wi-fi will also increase possibilities for Lithuanians to work where they want and will benefit for the entrepreneurial skills.

Company that provides free wi-fi say that the speed of Internet will be sufficient for basic needs such as browsing the websites, checking and sending emails, or even looking videos.

Authorities are seeking to expand the free service to other places. They are looking for more socially responsible partners. However, a free wi-fi in all city will not be granted.

According to International Telecommunication Union, more that 60 per cent of Lithuanians are Internet users. Pando Network's Global Internet Speed Study revealed that average Internet speed in Lithuania is 1,463 Kbits⁄second. This result is the 4th best in the world.


Video material that was submitted to European Broadcasting Union:


1. First users

2. Arturas Zuokas is trying an Internet access

3. Some places where Internet is free

4. Soundbite (Lithuanian), Chairman of 'Cgates' company, saying: Several hundred people will be able to use it without any discomfort. If we will see that we reached a limit, there is an opportunity to expand the service. The speed will depend on number of users. But the maximum, if there are few users, will be more than 50 megabits.

5. More of first users

6. Soundbite (Lithuanian), Mayor of Vilnius, Arturas Zuokas, saying: We are planning a network expansion in newsstands, mini-cafes. They will also have a free Internet access.

7. More of free Internet places