2020.12.31 10:05

Second mink farm in Lithuania hit by Covid-19 outbreak

BNS 2020.12.31 10:05

A new Covid-19 outbreak has been confirmed on a mink farm in the northern Lithuanian district of Radviliškis, the State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT) said on Wednesday.

It is Lithuania's second mink farm hit by the coronavirus. The first outbreak was detected on a farm in the central district of Jonava in late November.

Six workers on the Radviliškis farm have tested positive for the coronavirus and it is suspected that they could have transmitted the virus to mink, the VMVT said in a press release.

Samples from Fur Farm LT, which currently has around 55,000 mink, had been taken since November, but the initial results were negative. On Wednesday, however, a positive case was confirmed.

The farm's operations have been restricted since the VMVT was informed about the infected workers. On Wednesday, the decision was made to cull only those animals that could have contracted the virus or have Covid-19 symptoms.

No mass cull is planned, but the farm must continue to closely monitor the health of its animals and protect its workers, the VMVT said, adding that it has set up an investigation group to look at how the virus spread into the farm.

The situation on the Jonava farm, where Lithuania's first mink coronavirus outbreak was confirmed, is currently stable. The number of mink deaths has declined, but there are still new positive cases, according to the press release.

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