2020.12.01 16:44

Lithuania’s best Christmas trees – in photos

LRT.lt2020.12.01 16:44

Last weekend, most Lithuanian towns and cities unveiled their Christmas lights – have a look.

1. Vilnius

The Christmas tree in the Lithuanian capital is well hidden – the actual tree is located inside a blocky exoskeleton.

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2. Kaunas

The dessert-like Christmas tree in Kaunas has been inspired by meringues.

3. Panevėžys

The tree in Lithuania’s fifth largest city measures 18 metres in height. Some 66,000 LEDs were used for decorations.

4. Jonava

Alongside the main tree, Jonava in central Lithuania has also unveiled an innovative Christmas tree park around it.

5. Širvintos

Širvintos, a town of some 6,000 people in eastern Lithuania, opted to create a winter wonderland.

6. Šalčininkai

Šalčininkai, just south of Vilnius, surrounded their Christmas tree in the town square with other decorations.

7. Naujoji Akmenė

The Christmas tree in Naujoji Akmenė, northern Lithuania, symbolises hope, faith, and patience. Perhaps some of the most needed traits amid the pandemic.

8. Visaginas

One of the first towns to unveil their Christmas lights was Visaginas in northeastern Lithuania. The town of some 18,000 people opted for a smart display – visitors can send text messages and choose a Christmas song for the tree to 'dance' to.

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