2020.10.27 16:30

Vilnius hospital warns it is running out of Covid-19 beds

Ignas Jačauskas, BNS, LRT.lt2020.10.27 16:30

The management of Santara Clinic in Vilnius, one of Lithuania's hospitals treating coronavirus patients, say the situation is “critical” as the hospital has nearly reached its capacity.

“We are already past [the critical threshold of] 70 percent and we have already reached a bed occupancy level of 80 percent,” Aušra Bilotienė-Motiejūnienė, director for management at Santara Clinic, told reporters on Tuesday.

“We have five dedicated beds left in our infectious diseases unit, so we will almost certainly fill them today, judging by the situation of recent days,” she added.

The hospital will run out of resources within days, according to Bilotienė-Motiejūnienė, “so we definitely need backup hospitals and backup hospital beds”.

Santara Clinic has a total of 102 beds dedicated to Covid-19 patients.

The Health Ministry said on Tuesday that 342 people with the virus were hospitalised throughout the country, 32 of them in intensive care.

Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said on Monday that over 80 percent of 401 hospital beds assigned to Covid-19 patients throughout the country were filled, but 262 more beds would be added.

Researchers at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences recently shared their projections, predicting that, in a worst-case scenario, the country would need 1,000 beds by mid-November.

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Lithuania has some 17,300 hospital beds in total, of which about 10,400 are currently filled, according to the Health Ministry. Over half of all intensive care places are also taken, 368 out of 656.

There have been 11,362 confirmed infections in the country so far, 6,844 are currently active cases.

The country has confirmed 3,433 new infections over the last seven days alone.