2020.09.29 17:00

Lithuanian government to fund studies for 100 Belarusians

BNS2020.09.29 17:00

The Lithuanian government will allocate funding for 100 Belarusians to study in the country, Lithuanian Education Minister ALgirdas Monkevičius said Tuesday.

"Assistance for studies in Lithuania is both specific and also symbolic assistance of our nation to the people of Belarus in this very difficult time for them," the minister said.

State funds will be used to cover the whole period of studies.

Up to 100 students will be eligible for state assistance every year, based on their enrollment results. Higher schools will have to inform the ministry about the number of successful applicants and the minister will approve the funding.

Such assistance will be provided under the Lithuanian government's assistance plan for Belarusian people.

Vilnius University has also previously pledged scholarship for Belarusian students.

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