2020.08.12 16:00

Lithuania allows Belarusians to enter 'for humanitarian purposes'

BNS2020.08.12 16:00

Lithuania is lifting coronavirus travel restrictions for Belarus' nationals seeking entry "for special humanitarian purposes".  

The Interior Ministry proposed to include Belarusians to the list of foreign nationals not subject to the existing coronavirus-related bans "in light of the current [political] developments in the neighboring country", Interior Minister Rita Tamašunienė told the Cabinet on Wednesday.

The ministry suggested including "an additional category of foreigners" into the government's resolution, Tamašunienė said.

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"These are foreigners coming to Lithuania for special humanitarian purposes," she added.

Giedrius Surplys, a government spokesman, told the exemption would apply to those requesting humanitarian help. The exact procedures should be confirmed on Thursday, he added.

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