2020.04.06 09:17

Coronavirus: 843 confirmed cases in Lithuania, 14 deaths

updated 2020.04.06 09:17

A person who had contracted the coronavirus passed away in Panevėžys, northern Lithuania, on Monday morning. It is the 14th confirmed Covid-19-related death in the country.

The person was in the risk group, the Ministry of Health said, meaning that they were elderly or had chronic health conditions.

Three more people died of Covid-19 in Lithuania over the weekend.

Thirty-two new infections were confirmed in the country on Sunday, bringing the country's total to 843.

Two people with Covid-19 died on Sunday, one in Vilnius and one in Šiauliai, northern Lithuania, according to the Ministry of Health. An 83-year-old retired doctor with the disease passed away on Saturday in Klaipėda.

Lithuania is currently under quarantine which was introduced to slow the spread of the virus. People are advised to avoid gatherings, work from home, if possible, keep a distance from each other during live communication, and pay special attention to keeping hands and services clean.

Another recovery in Klaipėda

A coronavirus patient tested negative for the infection on Sunday, the Health Ministry said, bringing the total number of confirmed recoveries in Lithuania to eight.

“Another patient who had the coronavirus has been discharged from Klaipėda University Hospital. Repeated tests did not detect Covid-19 and the patients was sent home,” according to the Sunday statement.

A total of eight people have recovered from the virus in Lithuania, with seven treated in Klaipėda. The first patient was treated in Šiauliai, northern Lithuania.