2020.01.31 15:29

Coronavirus scare: dozen people tested in Lithuania, no confirmed cases

Laura Adomavičienė, LRT.lt2020.01.31 15:29

About a dozen people in Lithuania have turned to hospitals, suspecting they may have been exposed to coronavirus, though none of them have so far been proven correct. The latest case is being examined in Kaunas.

A spokesman for the Clinical Hospital of Kaunas has confirmed that a person came to the hospital on Thursday night, suspecting he might be infected with coronavirus.

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“He had been in Germany and communicated with Chinese people. When he returned to Lithuania, he had symptoms of upper respiratory infection and decided to have a check-up, just to be safe,” Saulius Tvirbutas told on Friday.

According to him, the man did not exhibit any coronavirus symptoms on Friday, nor had a fever.

“We put him in a special observation ward,” Tvirbutas said.

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The National Public Health Laboratory in Vilnius is testing a nasopharyngeal culture sample to give a definite diagnosis.

The Ministry of Health, which is in charge of coronavirus control and prevention, has advised that people who suspect they may have been exposed to the virus should call an ambulance (112) rather than go or drive to a hospital themselves.

Lina Bušinskaitė-Šriubienė, an adviser to the minister of health, says that about ten people have contacted Lithuanian healthcare institutions about suspected infections since last Sunday. None of the cases proved to be coronavirus.

The coronavirus outbreak originated in the Hubei province of China in late December. As of Friday, 16 coronavirus cases have been diagnosed in Europe: in Germany, France, Italy, Finland and the UK.

At least 213 people have died from coronavirus and more than 9,709 cases have been confirmed in mainland China, as the virus spreads globally.

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