2020.01.22 17:03

Lithuania to raise visa application fees

BNS2020.01.22 17:03

The Lithuanian government on Wednesday agreed to raise fees for obtaining Schengen and national visas.

The consular fee for processing applications for the national visa will double from 60 to 120 euros. The increase is in line with the time a consular officer needs to accept and process applications, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said after submitting the bills.

According to the ministry, processing one application takes 2-3 hours on average, and a consular officer's average hourly rate is around 43 euros.

The Lithuanian government also decided to increase the Schengen visa fee from 60 to 80 euros. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, changes to EU law oblige Lithuanian to increase the visa fee.

The Schengen visa fee for children aged 6-12 will rise from 35 to 40 euros.