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Lithuania investigates if same products better elsewhere in EU

BNS 2020.01.10 11:00

Lithuania's consumer protection authorities are investigating five products that differ in composition in Lithuania and other EU countries, the daily Verslo Žinios reports. The probe follows the European Commission's inquiry into dual quality food across the EU.

The State Consumer Rights Protection Authority has turned to the producers to determine why the composition of the products differ in Lithuania and other EU markets. The products are not disclosed in order not to damage the reputation of the companies involved.

The consumer rights protection service also said they had not received any complaints from Lithuanian consumers over differences in quality over the last five years.

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The European Commission presented an analysis by the Joint Research Centre last summer amid complaints by European Union's eastern members that their consumers suffer due to dual quality of food products.

After 1,380 samples of 128 food products from 19 EU countries were tested, scientists said they found no evidence of a clear difference between food product quality in eastern and western EU countries.

Irma Gudžiūnaitė, the then vice minister of justice, told BNS the country would have to evaluate itself whether differences in product compositions might affect their quality.

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