2019.12.12 10:00

Lithuania moves ahead with new checkpoint on Russian border

BNS2019.12.12 10:00

The Lithuanian Cabinet gave a go-ahead for establishing a new crossing point on the border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

“The new Rambynas-Dubki border crossing point will connect Panemunė and Sovetsk and increase the throughput of border checkpoints between Lithuania and Kaliningrad Region,” the Transport Ministry told BNS in a comment on Wednesday.

The new post is expected to start operating in late 2020 after Russia completes the construction of the Dubki checkpoint on its side of the border next year, according to the ministry.

The new crossing point was set up divert heavy vehicles away from the town of Panemunė in Lithuania and Sovetsk on the Russian side, according to the ministry. The current border crossing stretches through the town centres in both Panemunė and Sovetsk.

The construction of the Rambynas post had cost Lithuania 16.5 million euros, the Transport Ministry said.

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