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Over 780 children born in Lithuania after state-funded artificial insemination service

BNS 2019.11.15 16:00

Over 780 children have been born in Lithuania since the state started funding artificial insemination (AI) procedures two and a half years ago, figures from the National Health Insurance Fund show.

544 families had one child, 151 had twins and eights families welcomed triplets.

"Since the start of compensation, families with fertility problems have undergone almost 15,000 various state-funded artificial insemination services," said Lukas Žilinskas from the National Health Insurance Fund said. "They have been provided to slightly over 4,500 people."

The fund estimates that almost 4.23 million euros have been spent on various procedures and medications during the period, with amounts ranging from as little as 38 euros to over 17,000 euros.

In Lithuania, both state and private hospitals provide the service, but private hospitals need special licenses and agreements with the National health Insurance Fund.

Currently, eight state and private medial establishment provide AI services in Lithuania.

Following long discussions, the AI law was adopted by the Lithuanian Seimas in 2016 and came into force in 2017.

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