2019.11.13 10:39

Belarus to increase troop presence on Lithuanian border, adjust military plans with Russia 2019.11.13 10:39

Minsk will deploy additional troops to the Lithuanian border and adjust plans of the Russian-Belarusian regional military taskforce, Belarus’ Defence Minister Andrei Ravkov told reporters on Tuesday.

This comes in response to additional defence measures in the Baltic states and Poland, according to Andrei Ravkov quoted by the Russian state-owned news agency TASS.

“It is understandable it is neither aggression nor a direct military threat. But the growing military danger for Belarus is a fact,” the defence minister said.

The regional taskforce of the Union State of Russia and Belarus aims to integrate the two militaries and establish a unified command. As Belarus is negotiating a new Union State deal with Russia that should come into effect in 2020, Ravkov said that the military plans for the unit will be amended, according to TASS.

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This follows earlier statements by the Belarusian leadership that the country will not deploy more troops to the Lithuanian border in response to US stationing a rotational force that includes several dozen tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

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