2019.11.06 16:00

Lithuania plans to expand troops and set up new battalion

Saulius Jakučionis, BNS2019.11.06 16:00

Lithuania plans to increase the number of troops over the next five years and also establish a new logistics battalion in the west of the country, according to a bill on the army structure in 2024 endorsed by the country's Cabinet on Wednesday.

The document will now be put before parliament for consideration.

Based on the document, the number of troops in the Lithuanian army in 2024 should range from 21,290 to 26,850. Professional soldiers would number between 11,400 and 15,600. Currently, the number is 10,618, according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Defence.

The bill also proposes increasing the number of generals and senior army officers, army personnel, as well as reserve troops invited to exercises and training events every year.

The document, however, proposes not to change the existing number of volunteer troops and other troops from the active reserve, as well as conscripts and cadets.

The proposed numbers are aimed at ensuring that the share of professional troops within military units stands at or above 70 percent.

The bill also proposes establishing a new logistics battalion in 2024 and it would be affiliated with the Žemaitija brigade.

Established in 2016, the Žemaitija brigade has four battalions: three infantry and one artillery battalion.

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