2019.11.03 12:00

Lithuania’s historic lighthouses to open for visitors

Jovita Gaižauskaitė, LRT TV, LRT.lt2019.11.03 12:00

Municipalities at the Lithuanian seaside are planning to open their iconic lighthouses to the public. Already next summer, tourists should be able to ascend the Nida, Juodkrantė, and Šventoji lighthouses.

Vistas of the Curonian Spit on one side, and the Baltic Sea on the other, open up from the Nida lighthouse, 79 meter above sea-level.

Currently, visitors are only allowed to visit the installations once a year, but the situation should change next year once the municipalities will take over the lighthouse ownership.

“Maybe we could also establish a mini exhibition that would tell the Nida lighthouse story,” says Neringa Municipality Vice Mayor Narūnas Lendraitis.

The Nida lighthouse was destroyed up during the Second World War, but has since been rebuild. It also featured unique lighting technology, which was recently replaced with modern LEDs. However, the sailing community and local residents have been collecting signatures asking for the original set up to be restored.

The vice mayor says that a sponsor to donate the right mechanism, costing in the tens of thousands of euros, has been found.

Nearby in Juodkrantė, on top of the ‘Hills of Witches', a lighthouse rises 20 meters into the sky. Even now, it’s still being used for naval navigation and can be seen from a distance of 33 kilometres.

Palanga Municiaplity is also following suit, and taking over the lighthouse in Šventoji on the shore of the Lithuanian mainland. The administration aims to establish a small exhibition, and allow visitors to take in the views from the 40-meter height tower.

However, the oldest and most unique Lithuanian lighthouse in Klaipėda will not be handed over to the municipality, as the sea port authorities, as well as the border guards, have various equipment in operation atop the tower.

Although, even as the other lighthouses are opened to the visitors, they will still maintain their navigational functions. Lithuania currently has seven lighthouses, but only two of them in Ventės Ragas and Uostadvaris are open to the public.

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