2019.10.07 11:00

IKEA the biggest forest owner in Lithuania

BNS 2019.10.07 11:00

Sweden's furniture group IKEA, Finland's Dasos Capital as well as Lithuania's Dzūkijos Miškas and its shareholders are the major forest owners in Lithuania, the news website reports.

IKEA has increased its forest holdings to 27,000 hectares in Lithuania via its company IRI Investments Lietuva, according to the news website.

Dasos Capital comes in second after acquiring a 15,000-hectare forest portfolio from Sweden's Euroforest last year.

Among Lithuanians, Dzūkijos Miškas' shareholders Romualdas Lavrenovas, his father Sergėjus Lavrenovas and their business partner Andrius Bajorūnas are the largest forest owners. According to Romualdas Lavrenovas, they own around 10,000 hectares of forests, mainly in the Dzūkija region.

Businessman Gintautas Zinkevičius, who owns some 7,000-7,500 hectares of forests together with family members and companies, came in fourth, the authors of the study say.

Dzūkijos Mediena and its shareholders are owners of 7,000 hectares of forests and close the top five.

58 natural and legal persons own have forest holdings of over 500 hectares in Lithuania, according to the study carried out by news website and Reitingai magazine.

The study is based on official information from the Center of Registers, and data gathered from individual companies and experts.