2019.09.25 13:00

Belarusian students forced to work in kolkhoz collective farms 2019.09.25 13:00

The Belarusian authorities have repeatedly sent students to work in voluntary-compulsory field labour, Belarusian Belsat news agency based in Poland reported on Tuesday.

At least 150 students of Vitsebsk State University had to pick apples for a local cannery in Talochyn district in Belarus without adequate pay.

Refusing to comment on the situation, the higher educational institution referred reporters to the pro-government youth union (BRSM) that is allegedly in charge of ‘student teams’ that are sent on agriculture works.

According to Belsat, the Belarusian law provides for students’ labour only in case if it corresponds to a profession they learn and is included in the education plan.

Cooperative farming, known as kolkhoz during the Soviet-era, form the main share of Belarusian agricultural sector, according to Belarus Digest news website.