2019.08.14 11:00

Cepelinai squeeze: price of potatoes rises sharply in Lithuania

BNS, 2019.08.14 11:00

The price of Lithuania’s staple food – potatoes – rose the most among produce sold in the country. The key ingredient behind the likes of Cepelinai, Vėdarai, and Kugelis cost on average 70 cents per kilogram, rising by 66.1 percent since last year, according to a survey carried out by

Bananas came second, rising by 50.50 percent to 95 cents per kilogram, and tomatoes – by 39.6 percent, at 1.03 euros.

However, apples depreciated the most, by 51.3 percent to 43 cents per kilogram. Cost of ‘Panevėžio plius’ sugar decreased by 13.5 percent to 77 cents per kilogram, and dark chocolate ‘Karūna’ went down by 11,5 percent to 86 cents per 100 gram.

According to, the cheapest staple food basket in July was in Norfa (50.48 euros), followed by Maxima (50.97 euros), and Lidl (54.01 euros).