2019.08.08 15:00

Lithuania's opposition parties lead opinion polls 2019.08.08 15:00

The ruling Lithuanian Farmers and Greens party, which currently has most MPs in the parliament, has dropped to the third position in opinion polls, a recent survey shows. The conservatives continue to lead the polls, while the social democrats have risen to the second spot.

The survey by Baltijos Tyrimai, commissioned by the Elta news agency, asked respondents which party they would vote for, if a general election were held on the nearest weekend.

Most, 14 percent, said they would vote for the opposition conservative party Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats, a slight decline from 14.9 percent in June.

The Social Democratic Party, currently in the opposition, is second with 12.8 percent, a 0.2-point rise since the previous survey.

The ruling Farmers and Greens Union is a close third, with 12.1 percent, having edged down from 13.4 percent in June.

Three more parties hover close to the 5-percent threshold, the cut-off level for winning parliament seats in the multi-member constituency.

The survey gives the Order and Justice party 6.9 percent of the vote, the Labour Party has 5.7 percent and the Liberal Movement, 4.7 percent.

Almost a third, 31 percent, said they did not know how they would vote or would not go to the polling booths at all.

The respondents were also asked whether they held a positive or a negative view about each party. The Social Democratic Party was the only one with a net positive result (48 percent versus 38).

The conservatives were viewed positively by 32 percent of the respondents and negatively, by 57 percent.

The ruling Farmers and Greens Union was viewed negatively by 58 percent, positively, by 36 percent.

The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania–Christian Families Alliance had the biggest negative rating, 63 percent, as against 20 percent who view the party positively.

The opinion survey was conducted on July 15-29 and included 1,000 respondents over the age of 18. The margin of error is 3 percent.