2019.07.26 09:00

Estonia to coordinate with Poland and Hungary on migration laws, Lithuania would ‘consider the option’ 2019.07.26 09:00

In order to fend off new initiatives such as the UN Migration Pact, Estonia’s MFA has reached an agreement with Hungarian and Polish counterparts to share information on international migration legislature earlier this week, according to ERR News.

“The foreign affairs ministers of Estonia and Hungary agreed that when it comes to international migration matters, information would be exchanged in as early a phase as possible,” Estonian MFA spokesperson told ERR on Tuesday.

Hungary Today reported on Monday that Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has agreed to coordinate with his Estonian counterpart and Polish Interior Minister Joachim Brudziński, regardless of whether the new laws are initiated in the UN or the EU.

According to Hungary Today, the Hungarian minister has claimed everything approved in the UN ends up becoming part of international law and case-law, and stressed the need to resist initiatives that support migration.

The Lithuanian MFA stated in a written comment to LRT English that “at the moment, it is difficult to consider [joining] the aforementioned initiative, as we haven’t received an offer”.

“We would consider the offer, and would judge its usefulness to Lithuania.”