2019.04.11 13:23

Historic Vilnius cemetery in bloom 2019.04.11 13:23

An photographer captures the Bernardine Cemetery in central Vilnius in sky-blue bloom.

Siberian squills are one of the earliest bloomers in Lithuania and heralds of spring.

The flower is known to grow in the country since at least the eighteenth century, according to Dr Regina Juokaitė, head of Vilnius University's Botanical Garden.

The flower is very undemanding and can grow in meadows, urban spaces and cemeteries.

The Bernardine Cemetery is one of the oldest surviving cemeteries in Vilnius. It was established in 1810 by the Bernardine monks of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, just east of the city centre in the Užupis district, and is situated on an embankment of the Vilnia river.

Photographs by Edvard Blaževič.