News2023.05.25 14:57

Lithuanian soldier wounded in Ukraine brought to Kaunas Clinics

LRT TV, 2023.05.25 14:57

At 2:00 on Thursday night, Kaunas ambulance station staff brought a Lithuanian soldier injured in Ukraine to the Kaunas Clinics. 

The hospital said that the soldier is undergoing treatment and is in stable condition but will not provide further information without the patient’s consent.

According to LRT’s sources, he is one of the two Lithuanians who were wounded in April near Bakhmut while fighting in the Foreign Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“We left for Ukraine near Ustyluh – the customs office where we agreed to meet and take over the patient. His injuries are obviously painful, but he was comfortable in our car,” paramedic Rytis Malašauskas told LRT TV.

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