2021.11.30 12:14

Lithuanian regulator sets higher gas and electricity rates for households

BNS2021.11.30 12:14

Natural gas prices for Lithuanian households are to rise by 27-36 percent from January.

The National Energy Regulatory Council (VERT) set the final gas prices for the customers of Ignitis, the state-controlled energy company, on Tuesday.

The parliament has recently passed a package of laws to mitigate the impact of soaring energy prices on consumers.

The measures include spreading out the increase in natural gas prices over five years. Ignitis, a subsidiary of the state-controlled electricity group Ignitis Grupė, is borrowing money from banks and its parent company for this purpose.

Electricity rates to go up by tenth

Meanwhile, electricity prices for most regulated household consumers in Lithuania are set to rise by around 10 percent from January.

On Tuesday, the VERT set the final public electricity prices for over a million households who have not yet chosen an independent power supplier.

The standard electricity rate for most household consumers is set to increase by 0.015 euro, or 9.9 percent, to 0.167 per kilowatt-hour, including VAT.

Earlier, it was estimated that electricity prices for regulated consumers could jump by around 20 percent in 2022.

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