2021.11.26 23:42

Lithuania braces for snowy weekend

LRT.lt2021.11.26 23:42

On Saturday, Lithuanian residents should wake up to a white scenery, as heavy snow is expected overnight, meteorologists say.

According to Grinda, Vilnius municipality’s urban and street maintenance company, it will start snowing before midnight on Friday.

“There will be a lot of snow, and it will be wet. It will stick well. Take this opportunity to make snow angels and snowmen with your children,” Grinda wrote on Facebook.

According to meteorologist Alva Nagelytė, all Lithuanian regions will see heavy snowfall on Saturday.

“Snowfall and sleet will start in the southern district during the night and will cover almost all of Lithuania by morning. Central and northern Lithuania will see the heaviest snowfall during the day,” Nagelytė told LRT Radio.

On Saturday night, temperatures will be around 0 degrees and from 0 to 3 degrees during the day.

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