2021.09.02 14:34

Two migrant groups stranded on Lithuanian border

BNS2021.09.02 14:34

Two groups of migrants are currently stranded on Lithuania's border with Belarus, Rustamas Liubajevas, chief of the State Border Guard Service (VSAT), said on Thursday.

“Two such groups were at the border in the morning, in the border section guarded by the Varėna border team. Those groups are staying in the territory of Belarus,” he told reporters on Thursday.

Liubajevas would not specify the size of those groups but stressed that those people made no attempts to cross into Lithuania.

“At the same time, Belarus officers do not let migrants return to Belarus,” Liubajevas added.

The VSAT reported earlier on Thursday that it had recorded an incident where Belarusian officers used metal shields to push a group of 13 migrants at the Belarusian border with Lithuania close to the district of Švenčionys.

Lithuanian border guards said that “the migrants refused to go to Lithuania after staying between the two countries for several days, they also said that they wanted to return to Belarus and go home”.

Lithuanian officers also reported that they had been supplying the migrants with food and water on a regular basis.

The authorities did not provide any supporting evidence.

Rokas Pukinskas, spokesman for the VSAT, told BNS that the group of migrants was back in Belarus and that the Lithuanian border guards had not used force against them.

The service refused to disclose any details.

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