2021.09.01 12:18

Lithuania to offer vaccine booster shots to entire population

LRT RADIJAS, BNS2021.09.01 12:18

Lithuania plans to revaccinate the entire population and will start from offering coronavirus vaccine booster shots to seniors and vulnerable groups, according to the Health Ministry.

“We will start now from the same groups that were the first to receive shots at least six months ago,” Vice Health Minister Živilė Simonaitytė told LRT RADIO on Wednesday.

Subsequently, coronavirus vaccine booster shots will be offered to the rest of the public, Simonaitytė said, adding that the population might be divided into smaller groups or age groups for smoother revaccination.

A ministerial decree on revaccination should be worked out over the next few weeks, Simonaitytė said.

The ministry has considered a medical study that looked into antibody dynamics in vaccinated medical workers of Santaros Clinics, the first group that received coronavirus vaccines.

The study revealed that antibodies tended to decrease at the most rapid pace in older people.

“We do plan revaccination and, speaking about the future, we are likely to start talking about the fourth and the fifth booster shots in perhaps several months,” Simonaitytė said.

According to the official, people would be free to decide whether to get the booster shot. She noted, however, that this might be relevant to those who want to travel in the European Union.

Official statistics show that 69.7 percent of Lithuania's adult population have received at least one coronavirus vaccine shot.

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