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When is it still mandatory to wear facemasks in Lithuania?

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Until September 13, it is still mandatory to wear facemasks in some public places in Lithuania. Here are the rules.

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Without immunity certificate, the so-called opportunity passport, it is mandatory to wear facemasks. With the pass, facemasks are only mandatory in screenings with more than 500 attendees.

Public events

It is mandatory to wear facemasks in indoor events if you do not have an opportunity passport. Same as with cinemas, facemasks are mandatory even for pass-holders in events with more than 500 people.

Meanwhile, it is only recommended to wear facemasks in outdoor events for people with or without the opportunity passport.

Cafes, restaurants, and bars

In catering places that do not check for opportunity passes, no more than two people may sit at one table indoors, and up to five people outside unless from the same household. When not sitting down, it’s mandatory to wear a facemask.

In bars and cafes that use the opportunity pass, the limits do not apply and facemasks are only recommended.

Services (including hairdressers and entertainment)

Facemasks are mandatory, unless the person has the opportunity passport.

Public places (including shops, hospitals, public transport)

Facemasks are mandatory for everyone aged 6 and above. Exceptions apply only to people who are exercising or have medical conditions that prevent face coverings. In such cases, a face shield is recommended.

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