2021.07.09 13:28

Poland returns several dozen migrants to Lithuania, BNS2021.07.09 13:28

Poland has recently returned several dozen irregular migrants to Lithuania. They crossed into Lithuania from Belarus and were likely trying to reach Western Europe, according to the prime minister.

“There are people who try to leave [Lithuania], but they are also sent back. [...] The Republic of Poland has sent back several dozens of those people who are likely to have crossed the border in Lithuania over the past several weeks,” Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė told LRT RADIO on Friday.

“Obviously, some people have probably managed to reach their destinations, but definitely not all of them,” she added.

Figures provided to BNS by the Interior Ministry show that Poland has recently returned 38 migrants to Lithuania.

Lithuanian has seen a spike in illegal migration in recent months as the number of detained illegal migrants has already exceeded the whole last year's figure by almost 20 times. Lithuanian officials say the Minsk regime is behind the recent surge in illegal migrations.

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