2021.03.16 15:59

Lithuania will ‘no doubt’ remain under lockdown over Easter – PM

LRT RADIJAS, BNS2021.03.16 15:59

Even though the current national lockdown expires in the end of March, restrictions will be extended in April, according to Lithuania's Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė.

“The decision [on lockdown] is in force until March 31. I have no doubt we will need to extend the decision,” she told LRT RADIO on Tuesday. “The conditions will largely depend on what the situation will be like over the coming weeks.”

As the government plans to resume in-class teaching of primary school students, there are risks that infections may start spreading faster, she said.

The current coronavirus situation in the country gives little cause for optimism, Šimonytė said.

The daily count of new cases has not inched down in over a month.

“We still have municipalities where the situation is much better, and if it doesn’t deteriorate, those municipalities could have fewer restrictions over Easter. But it would be irresponsible for me to make any promises today,” Šimonytė said.

Restrictions on travel between municipalities, put in place three months ago, have slowed down the the spread of the more contagious UK variant of COvid-19, she believes.

“I believe the movement restrictions have been a key factor that has allowed us to avoid the spread of this variant in January and February. It means that we have bought some time with those restrictions, despite certain discomfort,” the prime minister said.

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