2021.01.11 17:46

Lithuanian and Israeli ministers pledge to build 'path to future’

BNS2021.01.11 17:46

In an open letter, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis and his Israeli counterpart, Gabi Ashkenazi, have pledged to build a "path to future" by commemorating the painful past.

“While commemorating the unique history of Judaism in Lithuania, we also remember the tragedy of Holocaust. Simultaneously, we commit ourselves to remember and take an honest look at the past, however painful it might be,” they said in the open letter.

“While remembering the past, we also develop new ideas, identify challenges and look for solutions. Remembering the past, we build a path to the future,” the ministers said.

The open letter was published to mark the year 2020 in Lithuania, which was dedicated to the Vilna Gaon and the history of Lithuania’s Jews.

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On Monday, Landsbergis and Ashkenazi discussed bilateral relations in a telephone conversation, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry said in a press release.

“For Lithuania, Israel is a priority partner, with whom we have strong ties of rich history and contacts between people,” Landsbergis said in the press release.

“On the 29th anniversary of our diplomatic relations, we have to remember that the Lithuanian Jews have been an integral part of our society since the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and have made a significant contribution to the development of Lithuania’s statehood, history, culture and science,” he added.