2020.11.20 12:40

Free Russia Forum begins in Vilnius: ‘repressions are getting worse’, LRT RADIJAS2020.11.20 12:40

The Free Russia Forum, the largest platform for the country's opposition outside of the Russian Federation, will begin today in Vilnius. Due to the pandemic, the event will be held online.

More than 60 speakers will take part in the forum, including well-known Russian and foreign experts, politicians, civic activists, writers, economists, and journalists.

The founder of the Forum, Ivan Tyutrin, told LRT RADIO that despite the pandemic, this year’s online conference will resemble the structure of the ordinary face-to-face event.

"Within the current forum framework, there will be 10 panel discussions, as well as working groups, where permanent forum participants can vote and take part in discussions," Tyutrin said.

According to him, many questions will concern Russia’s internal affairs, such as the recently initiated constitutional amendments, federalism, or civil activism, including protests in Khabarovsk Krai in Russia.

The international panels will discuss events in the post-Soviet republics, as well as socio-economic and political consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Repressive practices in Russia are getting worse, while the number of human rights violations is increasing. We will talk about this with well-known human rights defenders and political prisoners that have recently been released,” Tyutrin added.

There will also be a presentation of an exhibition by Belarusian opposition artists.

Among Forum speakers are economists Vladislav Inozemtsev and Sergey Guriev, politician Leonid Gozman, lawyer Elena Lukyanova, head of Human Rights Foundation Gary Kasparov, and others.

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