2020.11.16 09:53

Coronavirus spread is ‘stabilising’ in Lithuania, chief epidemiologist says, BNS2020.11.16 09:53

One week after Lithuania introduced a nationwide quarantine, the spread of coronavirus infections appears to be slowing down, says Lithuania's chief epidemiologist, even as the country continues reporting around 1,400 new cases a day.

“The situation remains complicated and epidemiologically difficult,” Ašoklienė told LRT RADIO on Monday morning. “But the number of infection cases is no longer growing as fast as it did several weeks ago, when we had the figure almost doubling or tripling every week.”

“There are signs that the situation is stabilising and we need some time for those figures to start going down,” she added.

To slow the spread of the coronavirus, Lithuania was placed under a quarantine on November 7. Cafes, bars, restaurants and gyms were closed and events were banned, while sporting competitions had to dispense with live audiences. Moreover, school students in senior classes switched to remote classes.

Ašoklienė says the results of the lockdown should become clearer later this week or next week. However, the pace of the virus spread will depend on the behaviour of the public, she added.

Last week, around 1,400 new coronavirus cases on average were recorded daily in Lithuania.

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